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Hiding the ex

Hello everyone,

My name is L (male) and i have been in a long distance with K (female) for 8 months now. I'm in my early 30s and she is in her late 20s. I would say there have been no issues in our relationship prior to what i will mention below, and we have kept an honest and transparent communication. We are meeting up twice a month and we have plans to move in together this summer.

So here is what bugs me for 3 weeks now, and I'm at a point where I feel very uncomfortable.

3 weeks ago she sent me a picture of an unknown place to me, it was the garden of a house with a barbecue, and then no contact until the next day. She said she got drunk and went to bed early, and she was apologetic about it. 3 days later, I found out that was at her ex's place, she told me herself. I genuinely didn't know how to react to this, and i sort of let it go because she insisted that i have nothing to worry about. By the way, that ex is not aware of my existence in her life.

A week ago, she informed me she has a wedding to go to. This wedding is taking place today and the ceremony plus the party will last till tomorrow. I asked her whose wedding it is and where it's happening to which I got no response. The subject was tactfully avoided. I cannot ask twice, it goes against my principles. However, I know for a fact her ex has picked her up from her house and they went to that place together.

My question is, what are the chances that this ex is just a closed subject to her and she hides it so that I don't feel uncomfortable about it? Thank you in advance

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