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“Depressed husband moved out and needs space”

My husband of 25 years packed a bag and moved out two weeks ago to stay with friends of ours. He has been seeing a counsellor who diagnosed him with depression, and has been attending group sessions, but will not talk to me about why he moved out. When I try talking to him, he gets defensive, upset and angry. He says he needs space because his head and heart are in a dark place, and that I should be patient. I love him with all of my heart and want us to be together for the long run.

I want to give him space, but I don't want him thinking I don't care if I avoid texting him for a day or two. This really was a complete shock to me. I mentioned to him in the past that he appeared to be depressed, but he just blew it off. I truly believe he is not cheating on me. We went through a lot over the past year with our son being in a major accident. Could his feelings just be catching up to him now? He has never been one to share his thoughts openly. I want us to grow old together, but I am so afraid he may want to move out permanently. Suggestions?

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