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“I don't know how I end up being the bad one”

My husband told me that I all I do is put him against his family. My feelings are hurt! Me and my husband own a business so we can't really go out and we also have two toddlers. We used to go around to his family but every time we would go all we would hear is them telling us how boring we are: "You guys never go out", so they eventually stopped inviting us to family parties or little get-togethers.

I could see my husband was hurt so I was hurt for him too. A whole year passed and we were excluded from everything. This weekend, all of a sudden, we get invited and I refused to go since they all stopped talking to us or inviting us. I thought to myself, "Then why go now?" Well, my husband decides to tell me I'm the one putting things in his head about his family when it was him always talking bad about them! Now I'm hurt and I don't want to talk to him.

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