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Husband showing little understanding

I’m 62 and my husband is 57. We’ve been married for nearly 14 years and it’s the second marriage for both of us. We got on well as we had the same sense of humour and shared a lot in common. However recently I broke a leg and badly dislocated my ankle. This came right before my husband went to a very big reunion involving his side of the family (which I was due to attend but couldn’t due to my injury). When we met my husband was not speaking to his two sons or to his only brother (he has no sisters). Since he came back from the reunion he has had very little time or patience for me and I’ve been literally crawling on all fours around our bungalow when I’m unable to use the rollator the hospital lent me. He went back to work the day after the reunion leaving me alone and unable to even make a cup of tea, as I can’t carry it. He always was a little bit impatient, but I find myself being astonished at his behaviour lately. Yesterday he watched me crawl into the garden then promptly got himself only a chair and sat in the only piece of shade. He has said to me I must ask if I want something, but surely he should have some initiative and see some of the things I need. Otherwise it feels like me begging for certain things. What do others think - is it just coincidence that he had the reunions then got a lot worse, or do you feel it probably has nothing to do with that? Thanks.

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