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I asked my friend for her boyfriend number and photo

So a little bit of backstory i used to go to the same school with my friend (who i am not close with) and her boyfriend but i recently changed school and i made a new friend and asked me if i knew him because she knew that i came from that school and she told me that she used to go to the same school with him when they were young and that she used to have a crush on him and i said that he has a girfriend and she didn't really react and started to ask me if i was close with and how he looked like currently and when i said i was not close with him at all she asked him i had his number and i said no and then she asked if had his recent photo and i said no and she said that i should asked hos girlfried for his number and photos and i was very dumb to accect knowing she had a interest on him even with know that he has a girfriend

So i havent talked to my friend for months and i just suddenly contacted her just to ask for her boyfriends number and photos she obviously said she coundnt but she proably thought that i was aiming for her boyfriend

I did told her about my fried but she proably though that i was a lie and i feel so bad because i just relized what i just did and i dont know what to do

And i am sorry for my crappy writting skills its my first time in here

And also for my bad english its not my first language and i also wrote it in a hurry so i am so sorry

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