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I’ve been very overwhelmed and stressed the past few days. My boyfriend and I have been together for over a year, and I believe I do love him and I appreciate him so much and how he cares for me, however we are only young and it’s been getting very intense emotions wise.

We are both quite immature, and insecure in ourselves so it makes the relationship we have quite difficult for example if I go out with my friends and some guys will be there, he doesn’t like that, and we will usually get into an argument about it. This has happened quite a few times and I don’t know what to do as I feel as though I might react the same way that he does, so I don’t want to say much, however I don’t think it’s fair because seeing another guy when I’m out with my friend/friends is normal as long as I’m not doing anything with them. And I feel as though he’s put those thoughts in my head making me think that it’s not okay, because deep down I know that he shouldn’t be telling me that I can’t see boys or add boys.

It’s just what makes it difficult is that I feel like if it happened to him I might feel the same. However he hadn’t done stuff like that so I don’t know, but I have. If I speak to him about it and say that I think we should be able to see our other genders without getting upset about it he just says he doesn’t want to do that so I feel as though I’m doing something wrong. It’s just hard for me because I want to be able to speak to guys and I feel like We both should, especially because we are only young our love isn’t marriage and it is possible that he will find someone better and I might.

Anyway, an argument sparked the other day because I went out with my friend and some guys were there and I added one of them on Snapchat so I could be friends with him, however I didn’t tell my boyfriend and he found out and was so distraught. However I really liked that guy and I don’t know whether I have developed feeling for him, I’ve only seen him twice when I’ve gone out with a friend. I’m just stuck on what to do and I feel like I’m a bad person for liking the company and enjoying it with another guy when my boyfriend is so upset about what I’ve done.

I asked my boyfriend if We should take some space apart because of what happened I need to get my head straight and basically decide what I want and I don’t want to be unloyal and stay with him when I could possibly like another guy. But he isn’t agreeing and saying that he should be the one wanting space and he thinks that I will just go off and speak to guys. I’ve been so stressed and upset. I need some advice of someone else, please help.

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