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"I don't trust my man's female friend"

Hi Guys I've never posted in here before but I need some advice about a situation.

So my boyfriend let's call him "Tom" for this has a female friend "jade" from work. She's a very attractive girl in her 20s as all of us are. When we met this girl we weren't seeing each other at the time due to different personal reasons. We have since got back together and Jade is still around. She is very flirty with Tom and demands a lot of his attention, she texts him daily saying I'm bored let's do something and he runs after her like a little puppy. I am concerned as all of his friends have a running joke that he's "shagging" her and all call her his lass. Even tho I am his lass.

Tom is the most trust worthy, loyal and honest person I have ever met and never in a million years would I think he would cheat on me. But the other day he lied about spending time with her. He ignored me all day didn't respond to my message when I asked what he had been doing he said nothing been chilling in the house but it was later uncovered he had been shopping with her and he lied to me. He states its because he was buying me a gift and didn't want me to start guessing what it is but frankly I don't belive it as he had told prior to this shopping trip he had already bought me a gift.

I don't know if this makes any sense to anyone but I needed to vent. But I'm worried about what I can do. I'm so intimidated by this girl she used to be a model like she's gorgeous and I'm far from it and she has all of his mates and him wrapped round her finger and she knows it. And I have no idea how to say this to him without being "crazy". I'm never normally like this I'm so trusting especially with Tom as we have been together like 4 years now but I can't help but think there is more to this as he said to his friends when they asked if he was going to date her he said never say never and I can't get that out of my head. I don't know what to do. Sorry I needed a ramble.

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