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My girlfriend's best friend

So I’m a woman and im a lesbian Well I am trying to not be upset about my gfs best friend because my gf told me months ago that her girl best friend and her best friends niece who is the same age as her bestie because she has a way older sister anyway, that her bestie and her niece both have said that they would date my gf even though one of them is married and the other has a boyfriend they both have children and we’ll I don’t like that it was said and my gf and her bestie and niece Snapchat everyday and I mean every single day and if my gf don’t reply to either of them in a timely manner they don’t like it. Which I find weird af, and also her bestie be coming off too flirty and I don’t appreciate it whatsoever I even saw where my gf was snap chatting the niece and she snap chatted a pic of her legs while she was in the bath or sometimes one of them is in a towel and I get so annoyed and then my hf ask me what’s wrong and I just have an attitude because I don’t know how to talk to her about this.

I’m feeling like something is going on with them and my gf said that her besties husband told her he wouldn’t care if something happened like wtf. Of course this was said before we started dating but why would my hf tell me that because now I don’t trust those two woman. Also it seems like my gf has no problem saying nice things to her bestie but has a hard time complimenting me like she never gives me compliments but says she likes her besties hair when she dyes it and notices things about her and it makes me upset because why is it she can act more like her besties girlfriend and be kinder to her than to me?

Am I being crazy? I just feel like she would rather be with her bestie because she talks about her all the time and her kids like she considers her besties kids her niece and that’s great but she will even compare us like if I tell my gf a story or something about my life she’ll be like well (enter her besties name here) didn’t get to do those things and it’s like they can’t go a day without talking to each other and sometimes feels like her besties gets more attention than me like she’ll be talking on the phone with her bestie while she’s working which she has to drive a lot for work and not get frustrated right but when I talk to her on the phone and she gets frustrated with other drivers she gets frustrated at me but doesn’t talk to her bestie like that ever and it’s starting make me feel some type of way and I don’t know how to talk to my girlfriend because we once had a argument about her bestie and my gf said if I can’t accept that her bestie is going to be in her life then I needed to let her know now.

I can accept her being her friend but what I can accept is some other girl acting like she my gfs girlfriend and my gf treating her better than she treats me but I don’t know how to bring it up without it becoming a big argument and my gf telling her bestie everything which makes me upset because she has told her bestie that time I felt left out when my gf would go get her bestie and let her bestie ride with her while she worked and it was becoming often to where it seemed as if they only were to hang out when I was at work and then my gf told her bestie and apparently she told my gf she loved me of course she would say that but I feel like I need to keep an eye on her idk.

And I find it weird when that incident happened that her bestie messaged my gf saying ever since me and my girlfriend started dating that her and my girlfriend haven’t had anyone alone time to hang out but she put in the message that don’t get me wrong I love (insert my name) but that wasn’t because she started dating me it was because of my gf ended up being on strict probation and has a lot of rules and so now she has a curfew and all these other things that take up a lot of her time so it had nothing to do with me and I don’t like that she tried putting it on me and I see right through that shit. Also I know what was said in the message because my gf had her phone on the phone holder while snapping her bestie and I said why did she say it like that and of course my gf defended her bestie like always look I know this all seems possible innocent and I maybe be reading too much into but my gut says otherwise and I just don’t know what to do.

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