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My best friend's boyfriend

I have two bestfriends (let's call them A and B)
A is in a relationship with a guy online. They been dating for 4 months but they have never met each other in real life.
B doesn't like A's boyfriend at saying he is weird.
A introduced me to her bf online and all three of us play a game online. I started to see him as a brotherly way and A was glad that we had brother sister bond. But after sometime her boyfriend started to share his problems with me which I thought would be normal since all three of close now so I just listened to his problems and A got worried bc she is her perspective why would he share his problems with me and not her (which I completely agree bc she is my bestfriend from a long time)
So I decided to unfriend him from everywhere bc I didn't want to come between them.
Suddenly A texted me saying I should talk it out with him and be frnds with him again bc he asked her about my well being and such.
Now he insisting when A and the bf goes out for the first time, I must go with them. He wants me to join their date.
According to my other bestfriend B, she thinks he is sketchy bc it's an online relationship so it's not good to trust people so quickly.

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