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My fight with my best friend

I have been best friends with this girl, who i'll name Lina, for about a year, and things were going absolutely great. But then, about 2 month ago, she got a new friend who i'll name her Regina, who she knew 3 years ago but I don't think they were friends back then. Things were fine because that girl never hung out with us, until I stupidly talked to Regina about about a thing that happend with some other girls and then we got to know each other. I didn't have much thoughts on her because I didn't know her, but as I got to know her, she had a bit of a history with changing friends and had a bad reputation, but nonetheless, she got SUPER close with Lina, and that's when I started feeling insecure.

She started going around with us EVERYWHERE and hanging out with us all the time, and by some point, I started disliking her. She became super annoying and always getting me and Lina to pay for her food when we go out, although Lina seemed fine with it, I wasn't. Lina then started hanging out less and less with me and began being so distant from me, and I could feel it, she was ALWAYS with Regina and they always walk together while holding hands when they’re with me and it just made me feel so left out and like I was 3rd wheeling their friendship.

So i wrote her a letter telling her everything but in a very, lets say, not a to-your-face kinds of letter, meaning I was mainly just making a joke out of everything and hinting that I didn’t like how Regina is getting between us, but of course, she didn’t understand that so she just said ‘’sorry for ditching you’’, but she kept doing it.

So anyways, 2 days ago, me and my other friend, who I'll name her Haley, told Regina that we didn't want to hang out with her anymore and all she said was ‘’ok, i don’t care’’. Then 2 days go by, she posts a story on her instagram of a chat of her and her friends talking about us and calling us names (by us I mean me and haley).

See by that time, I had unfollowed Regina from Instgram but one of my friends who follow her, showed me the story, I then asked my friend to send me a screenshot of Regina’s story and sent it to Lina, asking ‘’Do you know who this is about?’’, while knowing it was about me and haley. She then asked how I saw her story, and I said ‘’Don’t worry about it, but is it about me?’’ Then Lina went absolutely off on me. She said ‘’Why do u care who it’s about if you’re not her friend?’’ Keep in mind that when I asked, I was NOT trying to pick a fight with Lina, I just wanted to see if she'll be honest with me.Then I said ''I don't care but if it's about me, then I do care because she said she doesn't care and now shes posting stuff to make me look bad''.

Then from then, me and Lina argued, and through out the whole argument, Lina was just defending Regina. She then asked me why I don't like Regina, and the reason was because she got in between me and Lina and I admit, I got jealous and left out, but that's not what I told Lina, I told her I didn't like her because of her personality. At the end of the argument I asked Lina ''So what are you going to do now?'' She said ''I am going to go with Regina for now because she doesn't have anyone, you have Haley you can go with her.'' Which I know is a lie because she obviously has friends (like the girl she was talking to about me and Haley in the story).

Now, like I said, Regina has a bad reputation and lots of people talk bad about her and pretend nice with her, because she isn't exactly a likeable person, but somehow Lina chose to go with her. So now, I don't want to lose Lina because she is/was my best friend, but I don't know how to fix this. I also want to know if I did something wrong throughout this whole thing. I forgot to mention that Lina was also mad because I didn't tell her ''earlier'' that I didn't like Regina, and I didn't because I knew this excat situation would happen, but then I got fed up with her, so I guess I was late, but still, Lina's supposed to be my best friend and I feel betrayed. I just want things to go back to how it was before, but I don't know hot to do that.

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