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“I love him but he has a girlfriend”

I met this guy over social media on his birthday and at the time I didn’t know he had a girlfriend. We snapped a lot and I found out that we had a lot in common. I began having a crush on him but i wasn’t able to use social media for a month so I couldn’t talk to him anymore. I switched to his school a couple weeks into the new school year. I had never met him in person.

At first, we never talked in person even though we had our last class in the same hallway. I eventually got enough courage to finally speak to him. He had already knew I had a crush on him over summer but we remained friends. I talked to him a lot. We walked together in between classes and I think it’s because his girlfriend didn’t go to the same school as him. I had stopped liking him but after a couple weeks I had realized I had fallen in love with him. He was so perfect to me. Even the things he was insecure about I loved. He continued to date his girlfriend and friendzone me as nicely as possible.

I always had a feeling that he liked me but my friends told me that he didn’t. I was living in a fantasy. I always made scenarios in my head about him and I. My best friend felt bad for me because he knew the guy I liked didn’t like me back. I really wanted to stop liking him. I tried everything to stop liking him. I remember I would stare at pictures of him and his girlfriend and tell myself to stop liking him. I finally stopped liking him. I was really happy about that. I thought I had moved on. I had a new crush and felt fine. My new crush liked me back and I realized that I couldn’t do anything with him as I still was in love with the other guy.

I still love him. No matter anything he does I still seem to love him even if he did something to hurt my feelings. I don’t know why I still like him. I’ve liked him for around 8 months. I know I shouldn’t like him. He doesn’t appreciate all of the nice things I do for him. He also has a girlfriend. But he used to give me signals all the time that would make me think that he liked me. We would go out of our way just to see each other in between classes. He would get touchy. I really don’t want to like him. He’s caused me a lot of pain. And if you think about it, he technically cheated on his girlfriend and I wouldn’t want to be with a cheater. I feel like a horrible person because I like him and I really need to appreciate him and his relationship with his girlfriend.

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