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I am in a relationship with two people

so basically it all started and my boyfriend have been dating for almost a year now.. sure I loved him...but slowly as time passed by I realized he isn't the one for me... we both are introverts....I am a talkative introvert so I used to talk a lot with him... because if I didn't we would have sat there with an awkward silence... but now I have nothing left to talk about and him being an introvert I always receive short replies... but still I was managing things somehow... but everything took a turn when I met this one boy... he was cute, charming, talkative, just like the person I would love to spend my time with… soon I caught feelings for him…as much as I tried to ignore them the more I fell hard for him…. Me and my boyfriend literally fight every day…even yesterday…and him being mad at me for stupid reasons I’m just tired of him… he got mad at me yesterday because I came late during the break and then had a 2 min chat with my friends… just because our exams are going on and we didn’t chat for two days… but in school I gave all my time to him…I was sick yesterday…. everyone in the school noticed it…. Except for him… but yesterday the guy who I have a crush on proposed of a causal relationship… I said yes… and this is how I’m in relationship with two guys at the same time… what the hell am I supposed to do now…I feel terribly guilty….

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