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I have a crush on a guy who has a gf

Does anybody else have a crush on a guy/ girl that has a gf/ bf? (Btw, I’m a female) I have a crush on this guy at my church, he’s super cute, very kind, very open minded, and just welcoming. My crush leads the 10:45 am worship service at my church, and he also leads this program on Wednesday nights called “overflow.” Overflow is a service of worship, games, scripture readings, and more worship at the end, it’s really fun, I love going to overflow, not just cause of my crush that leads overflow, but also the fellowship and just communication with other kids, it’s just amazing! (Anyways, back to my crush, yay and lol) We’ve known each other for like 2 months now, and we have each others phone number. :)

My church has so many amazing programs for kids and teens, it’s awesome! My church has a youth program, 3 services on Sunday (8:15 am, 9:15 am, and 10:45 am worship services) overflow on Wednesday nights, a Sunday school program, bible study, a thrift shop, and a nursery for little children (ages newborn - 3 years old.) My crush brought his gf to youth group one day and shared that he has a gf with the youth program. I thought to myself, “damnit, he’s cute, but he has a gf whattt!!??” I did not know what to do with myself when he said that, I was kinda devastated ngl.

This might sound complicated to explain/ understand. I sorta have a bf though. This guy that I kinda dated in middle school still likes me. We have each others phone number, and he still says “ily” but I don’t rlly respond to that, I like him as a friend but not as bf and gf. (My crush at church is way way way cuter than the guy that I dated in middle school) It weird Ik

It feels weird having a bf/ friendship and having a crush on the guy at my church. My bf/ friendship guy doesn’t know that I have a crush on the guy at my church, so shhh. If you guys have had an experience like I’m currently having, pls let me know how to handle it by commenting on this post.

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