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Can anyone help or relate?

I've been having trouble with my boyfriend, my best friend, and my thoughts.

Hi, I'm HayLay, I'm 17-years-old and I'm a soon-to-be grad from high school. I've been with my boyfriend for about 4 months now and have known my best friend for over 4 years! My best friend just confessed that he still loves me and honestly, I still love him too. But how do I break it off with my boyfriend? I've helped him through some pretty rough times and even helped him not be suicidal anymore (or at least that’s what he’s told me). I’ve asked him why he likes me and his answer every time has been because I’ve helped him not want to kill himself or even just hate himself too. I know that it’s complicated and I’ve had many doubts that this relationship won’t last. But now my best friend confessed to me and I know that I still like him. My thoughts have been telling me that ever since I and my best friend broke up, I’ve used my current boyfriend as a “filler” for my love life. I don’t want to admit it, but I think that my thoughts are right. I hate it so much but it might be true.

I’ve already tried to break it off with my boyfriend but I came running back to him the next day in literal tears. I couldn’t be independent for one day without crawling back to him. He is very kind to me and treats me fairly nice and wouldn’t do anything to hurt me, but now it makes me feel like a douche for wanting to break up with him for my ex just because I and him have a way better connection and very good communication with each other and we’ve known each other for a long ass time.

I want to break up with my current boyfriend to be with my best friend but I don’t want to be a complete asshole about it. So should I break it off and be with my best friend? And if I do, how should I say it? Please help me! I’m very desperate!!

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