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“Deleting messages and having secret conversations”

My husband has been having conversations with women he has met at various places. Obviously he has added them on messenger or vice versa, either way they have both accepted an invitation to chat. I have seen parts of the conversations due to him not realising i had access to his messenger account, parts of the messages dont flow properly so bits of conversation have been deleted. I have asked him why he would delete parts of a conversation and he has said it was probably just rubbish they were chatting about!! Why delete it if its nothing?

He says its all in my head and i am making this bigger than what it is!! I confronted one of the women who informed me he had asked for her phone number so they could chat over whatsapp instead of messenger?? When i had confronted him he then started a secret conversation within messenger with both the women involved almost at the same time. Am i being paranoid ? I have asked for a separation and started the ball rolling with selling our house but this is killikng me.. we have a 6 yr old daughter stuck in the middle of this.

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