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"Feelings for another person"

I'm friends on Instagram and facebook with my partners friend we talk now and again and do the usual click like on each others posts.but lately ive started to feel like im having feelings towards this person. Me and my partner have beautiful adopted daughter and are going through family things my partners friend in question knows all this. But i just cant get her out of my head. I could never tell her as i just dont know what she would think. .she maybe flattered but i think she would tell me to stay as i am with what ive got. I did tel her she was beautiful and i think she liked that attention .but i dont think she would want me to upset my partner .and i dont want to upset my partner. Obviously not.but but i cant stop thinking of this person. I feel like a big kid i get emotional when i think of her. Should tell her and tell not to tell my partner or just live with this secret?

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