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A bad feeling from the get go

So, this was a past event but, I still would like to know what anyone else would think about my situation! So my husband is working at this place and he is the manager. Well there is this certain female who works on his shift that I just had a bad feeling about from the get go!! Well she had ended up quitting and I was so happy I could breath again!!! Well she ended up getting her job back and the day she started back my husband and her were super close!!

Every night she would be the one he had help close. Well there were so many things that I would notice and I would bring up to him and he literally would tell me no one has me but you. She has nothing I could ever want etc. well I would go to the office after they had closed and set back there while he did his paperwork, she had came in an sat on the desk and that situation pissed me off bad!! Well I would ask him where she was because I couldn’t see her and he said idk I was in the office, so me being me I made an excuse up to go back there. Well she was in that same office watching the cameras to watch me!! I just knew deep down in my heart and guy there was more going on.

The weird thing is, is he never hid his phone he would have me text people for him and he never ever would get defensive about me touching his phone. Well I had picked it up one night and I seen a message to her calling her baby and so on. I confronted him and he denied it deleted all the messages so I pulled it up on his watch still denying everything. So I texted her off his phone and said did you get my messages. She finally wrote back and said sorry my boyfriend found messages to you and got mad.

Well after all that he came clean. Idk how long it went on or if for a fact nothing happened physically at all but, how was he perfectly fine with me doing stuff on his phone while this was going on? Did they just have a thing that she would never text if he was at home or something? There were times that he would have me text her off his phone to tell her something about work or something!!

I am just still trying to figure out how I never found a text other then that one, and that’s with me having my suspicions and he and I would literally fight about it. What is anyone else thoughts? Please let me know anything y’all think or how she wouldn’t text while at home or anything please!!!!!

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