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he wants touch but doesn't touch me

I don't want my boyfriend. [We've been together] for 11 years, and about 3 years ago he quit having sex with me. For about a year and a half he would watch porn and want me to 'take care of him' every night. I got to the point that I moved out, but then moved right back. Now every night we watch porn together, but he gives me no attention, no affection. He'll touch himself and like have conversation with me about how good the other girls look on TV (the pornstars) but he doesn't say anything good about me, only negative things. You never know when it's okay to touch him, but he will not touch me whatsoever. After watching porn for a few hours, we have sex. It's always the same thing on our side - only when he says he's ready. I just want to be touched and kissed, and I feel worthless. I feel like I'm not good enough. I feel like I'm ugly, and on top of it I'm always being accused of things I'm not doing. He won't even let me drive or hardly go out and do anything. I got to the point where I even stopped cleaning his house because he won't support me. We have a 9 year old son and I can't just stop and move, with no money, nowhere to go, no vehicle, no nothing. I don't know what to do - does anyone have any advice for me?

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