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“I love my toddler, but my partner not so much”

My partner didn't really want another child, but continued with me in this parenting journey. Talks of love for his son but doesn't want to help out and share the responsibility. Has started lying to me, when he wants to go to the pub or meet mates. Classic example yesterday went to the pub, when I went to bed early as have a cold, not feeling great. Then says it's because I'm stressing him out.

I went away recently with my son, and my partner said he missed us both terribly and would support more and we're back to square one again, not getting on. He likes to have the freedom and no responsibility and basically leaves me to care for our son. Giving me little beaks. Scared to leave him to parent on my own, and don't have any money for deposit for a flat. Basically me and my son would be in a B&B, or some other potential hell hole. Want the best for my son. I do hold some love for my partner but certainly struggling to live with him he's so selfish and now starting to lie where's he's going when he leaves the house.

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