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“My kids vs my partner”

Hi, I have 3 kids 19,15 and 14...and living in now with my Boyfriend which have 2 kids but doesnt live with us. We constantly fighting about my kids especially my 15 yrs old daughter and my 14 yrs old. Yes I admit my kids are not perfect they do stupid stuff like other teenagers do, Im not taking their sides or anything but my boyfriend have a lot of rules in his house, and my kids are new to that. We've been together for 6months and everyone still adjusting including me, I dont mind his rules his putting to my kids I understand hes concern and care about my kids future, but sometimes i think its a little too much. Recently we had a fight and he told me this relationship is not going to work anymore, he even said maybe if its just 2 of us everything will be easy, he said he loves me but he cant continue living like this with my kids. I dont know what Im going to do. I love him so much and will do anything for him.

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