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Is this relationship toxic or not?

I have been in this relationship for more that 1.5 years now. We have a very connect and we get along most of the times, but whenever there is an argument /or a fight or/ in someway I hurt her intentionally or unintentionally/, she goes all mad. She ends up either ghosting me for sometime or she ends up hurting me a lot with words. Since I don’t want her to break up with me, I end up begging her, giving her extra attention and I try to convince myself it was my mistake. Today I had a fight over a silly thing and she ended up saying she doesn’t love me at all and she hurt me very badly and asked for a break up. I begged for sometime and she left saying she will call after 2 weeks.I'm stuck, I'm not sure if I should leave or stay and resolve it. I love her so much and it hurts to stay away from her. What should I do when she calls back?

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