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“My boyfriend's religion vs me”

Hi everyone, I have been going through a lot of arguments lately with my boyfriend and I think I have finally come to the root of the problem. I will describe the situation a little bit so you get a better understanding of it.

We met quite a few years back and everything was truly perfect, at that time I thought wholeheartedly that this guy was perfect in every single way. He was very loving, caring, thoughtful etc. What stood out to me most was back then, if we did happen to have a disagreement, he'd talk to me instantly, console me, comfort me and put in effort of trying to make me feel better and everything was fine. OR there were times that if something got a little heated, he'd leave but not too long after he'd come back and just try making things right because he didn't want them to linger on. And that was something I truly admired in him.

Fast forward to today, those things don't exist anymore. Last year He accepted God in his life and so far he has been trying to do everything to please God. So I don't know if it's because he misunderstands what the Bible says or what but these days when we have an argument, he leaves, lets it linger on for weeks and weeks, is unwilling to communicate about the issue etc. For a very long time I couldn't understand why the change, why he wasn't his old self when it came to fixing things but now ignores them. At first he told me it's because it's so frequent we argue that he doesn't want to be burnt out by it but yesterday I think I came to the actual reason. He was quoting parts of the Bible, ' Don't have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments, because you know they produce quarrels.'

He believes when we argue it's pointless but if it's an argument to do with God it's worth having. When I explained to him that I feel like I can't come to him because if I'm upset and I need to get it out and tell him he was already saying that was a quarrel and he didn't want anything more to do with it. It's very hurtful not knowing that he's there emotionally anymore and stirs up more anger in me as well but all he sees is that I'm angry and I need to discard it.

How do I make him understand that he's supposed to be caring when times are tough. He needs to push through his emotions too and talk about things because running from them makes it worse. I have told him all this before but it's like he just keeps forgetting which results in me being constantly hurt and mad. I need him to understand that my emotions aren't considered 'a useless quarrel'. I love him and he says the same but since he has come to know God I can't understand why in some ways he has gotten worse.

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