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“In love with a guy who has a girl”

I met this guy at work. He is like my boss but not really my boss in terms of hierarchy - he controls money, I control power or supervise. I had a crush the first day I met him and it's becoming stronger. It's been months now. We started getting close and I felt he was showing interest which happens to be true except that he already has a fiancée. He told me so himself.

But I am into him already and I can't get myself out of the feeling I got myself into. I told myself it will be friends with benefits but I'm not sure I can do that cuz I am already in love with him. I am so confused right now. We work together - he is like the only best friend I've got and I practically see him every day, making it hard for me to let go. I know myself I am monogamous in nature which means unless I get rid of the feelings, I can't find any man attractive or develop feeling for someone else. What do I do please?

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