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In-laws and my husband

I am writing this out of frustration for how my husband’s family treats me and how terrible my husband’s response is. Married for about a year but have been together for 3yrs.

Sister in law calls my husband to talk and to share good news and as he jumps for joy, I celebrate too. Only for her to say”is your wife there? If I knew she was there I won’t have said anything”…just like that. Instead of hubby to address this, she ends the call and he gets upset with me for not shutting up while he was on the phone! I just kept quiet.

This is not the first time the sister has done this and when I raise how disrespectful and insensitive that is…my husband responds to tell me he didn’t lose his sister when he married me and that’s his family…we had a full blown argument about this and he has decided that he is not going to talk to her about it. And I should focus on listening to him than looking for a problem with his family.

Flip this and my side of the family respect him…never has anyone asked if he is home before they have a conversation with me. They literally ask me to talk to him before I give out any kind of help out to them. It’s super early in the marriage but I am exhausted already from trying to reason with my husband over the constant disrespect from his side of the family.

To make things worse…his mum addresses me to him as his “roommate “ . We are married with a kid…I am called a roommate. As a result, I refuse any conversation around either of them moving in with us to keep the little peace in my home and looking forward to securing a job out of state so I don’t have to even deal with this. Please help…

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