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I don't want to lose my mind

I need help, please reply and comment on what I should do. So my bestie and I have been best friends for over 6years. He recently asked me out officially and I accepted. Before now I had left my previous relationship and on his side, he told me he didn't want to continue with his current girlfriend. 2 months later I traveled to go stay with him just to find out that the girlfriend is still around, like the literally live together. I almost caused a scene but I had to respect our friendship and lie low as a friend that came to visit. I asked him what's his plan he said I should give him time to think. It's over one month since I came, the 3 of us stay together I'm tired of bottling up my emotions. What do I do.. it's really crazy because I don't want to be seen as a girl that snatched someone's boyfriend. Help me

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