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My heart is heavy

Last school year back in June, I was talking to a boy, we were talking but honestly i did not really like him, honestly he is 6'3 tall but i get a feeling he was player due to our convo so we stop talking for the entire summer for 5 month and unfollowed each other I think, it is a new school year like two week ago I got a request from a club we are together so I accept it and he was like he want my ig again so I can ask y and he was like i can't ask so i gave him and we started to follow each other back again and now we talking but not going to lie, I have fallen for him and I am surprised cause he is not my type and I am now falling for him and I want him back to when he was falling for me and we been texting but I don’t think I have not make it obvious I like him I think but today randomly he said “ngl your friends look good with a laugh emoji and I was confused and I don’t what to do or how to feel but my heart is heavy

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