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I’ve been with my significant other for over 12 years, we raise his daughter and my kids together as one family, recently I got in an argument with my daughter who’s gonna be 18 next month she left the house and lives with her abusive boyfriend. I don’t want her with him but I can do nothing about it since she denies the allegations to protect him. She recently said that my husband molested her about two times when she was little, to which I don’t understand why not tell me before.

I am stuck in the middle to believe anything anymore, I never saw him once be abusive to neither kids and my daughter always called him father, last Xmas she asked him to adopt her so nothing makes sense, I’m an over thinker and I’m about to leave my relationship and stay with no daughter and no spouse cuz I don’t know what to do about it. My husband tells me to make mends with my child cuz I’m her mother but I can’t help it to feel the way I do. My daughter has made up stories in the past but I can’t help it having doubts of everything going on. Is to much to take in at once. Any advice??

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