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"Separated parent with new partner"

Hi, i need some advice. Me and my ex partner have split for a while now and we've recently gone to court as to who gets custody of our daughter, she is one year. The courts found in favor of my ex partner and we had an order put in place as to what days and when I see my daughter. I have looked at the documents that I have been sent and it states that during my time with my daughter, I am allowed to choose how I spend my time with her.

However, I have a new partner who I have tried to introduce to you my daughter and they got on really well, and they've only met a few times, but he is great with her, and from what I pick up from her, she seems quite comfortable being around him as she laughs with him, sits with him, plays toys with him etc. We don't live together, but I still feel it's important that they bond with each other as he is also going to be a part of her life as he is a part of mine.

However, my daughters dad won't allow me to take my daughter to his house as he feels that she won't be comfortable, which I completely understand, but I need advice on whether it is a good idea, or if I should take it step at time and I just want to know if there is anyone who is in a similar situation and could offer me any help on how to deal with this situation.

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