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Forget him or forgive him?

I was in a relationship for about 7 years. In the third year he started abusing me, it got worse when I got pregnant the third time with my firstborn. A few months after my baby was born, I left. I left with my baby and 2 months pregnant with my second baby. He saw my baby a few times then I stopped going out closer to the due date. Half a year later he sees both of my babies, meeting my second for the first time. After I left he went to get better. It's been OVER a year now since I left, we started talking. He wants to reconcile and for me to give him my 100% but I don't know this new him. He is better I have tested it out but I want to get to know this stranger. He says relationships need trust, and loyalty and etc. But I can't give him that until I know him. He says I'm traumatized from the past and won't give it to him because I live in the past. I told him he's a stranger and I went through too much so I want to know him. I need advice.

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