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“Should I stay or go?”

I'm in a 15-month relationship. We have lived together for the last year. We were both married for 20 yrs, and have been divorced for last 4 years. Our problem stems from his 20 year old son. He comes over every day, yes every day as soon as he gets off work and leaves about bed time.

After an argument with him regarding the way he treats his father (which my boyfriend denies he treats him poorly and I was out of bounds for saying anything) he tells his dad he will not come see him again as long as he is dating me. Which of course goes right back to my earlier belief, part of which stems from him being a spoiled only child. I had to apologise to him to keep the peace.

I love my boyfriend beyond belief but I want to be in a relationship with him and not have to take a back seat to his 20 year old son. Do I stay or walk away?

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