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“I love him but he's in a long distance relationship”

I met this guy about a year ago during my Christmas holiday with my family to my first home country. He and I became close friends just after meeting him (we have a lot in common) and I already knew he had a girlfriend. But I never thought I would have a crush on him. We would always talked even when I went back to the second home country and play till it was very late for him.

Fast forward after few months later (we didn't talk much in those few months as I got back with my bf but broke up again after returning to my first home country), we started hanging out more and eventually fell for him again. But a friend told me not to fall for him anymore because he has a girlfriend and I would get hurt, even if he thinks me and the guy are good for each other. Side note: I support and respect his relationship and I never thought or ever want to interfere in their relationship.

Eventually, I had to keep my distance from him because I know I don't have any chance with him, but I also don't want to lose the friendship between me and him. And had moved on from him for another few months until the feelings came back. Ever since my feelings for him came back, he became very close. Like close enough to hold or touch me all the time and play with my fat (I'm a chubby person). Especially if we hang out at my friends place, we would watch movies in their bedroom and he would lay beside me. I also notice how close he is to me. But I couldn't or don't want to assume anything. Whenever we would hang out together, he would ask to carry my bag or carry whatever I am holding (it's the sweetest thing, I mean I know some guy does this but he only asks me and not my girl best friend).

Moving forward around present time, he became more and more affectionate or like wanting to cling on me. I know it's somewhat normal for guy friends to be leaning on each other or clingy to each other with no meaning, but I felt it was different to him because he does it only towards me and not our guy friends nor my best friend.

Here's some signs I thought was off (didn't seem right for me cause he has a gf): Whenever we would take a bus, he would sit more close to me while I distant myself from him but still close the gap between me and him, especially if it is with me and my best friend. He would sometimes play with my hair or like pull it (not hard though). He asks what I want to eat when we go to my friends place because he does the cooking, but he never asked my friend what he wants to eat. He replies or seen my messages but not my friend's message. He would buy me something or pay for my transportation even if I have money to pay.

Another day of our hang out, we went to watch another movie at my friends house in the bedroom. There are three beds, but two beds are in front of the tv. The guy and my friend was sitting on the middle bed comfortably while I had the other bed to myself until he moved to my bed and asked me to scoot to the corner of the bed. When he went on the bed, he was leaning on me or he was very close to me, I don't know if it is just because he can't see because there was a table in between the bed me and the guy were on and on the other bed my other friends were on but it was too close that I didn't have anymore space on my side.

Skipping forward towards to where the movie almost finishes, he sat up where I couldn't see the tv so I shifted my body to his side of the bed to see what's happening and he lays down on me hold me and wrestling me but it didn't hurt, it was kinda gentle and but still holding me strong (ps, he was shirtless).

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