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“So little time, so few options”

I'm not sure this site is the correct place for my worries, but at this point I am willing to try just about anything. I like this girl. She's my age(24) and due to being in the band together I've had the pleasure of seeing her twice a week without fail the entire time I've known her, about 2 months. We've been good friends for half that after a wild night of drinking lasting until 4am the next day.

That said, I didn't chat to her on fb,whatsapp or what have you outside of the band until about 2 days ago. We DID chat face to face and there was never any awkwardness between us, neither face to face nor online. As a result of a lot of chat over the past 2 days I asked her to a movie tonight to which she said ok,but we'll see how tired we are after band. we ended up not going. I did however manage to set up a meet at lunch this wednesday, the suggestion having come from her.

The problem lies in the fact that I am leaving the country in about a weeks time. I do not want to regret not having asked her to be my gf. That said I know it'd be risky and even a bit idiotic to ask her to be my gf the very first time we're meeting outside of band. It may be because I've never actually been in a relationship but the only 'solution' I can think of is to somehow ask her to be my gf and if she does accept then carry out a long-distance relationship. A third party friend who knows both me and her has suggested asking the girl's best friend for advice, but I'm not sure what sort of advice she could give. if there is a way to accomplish this even overseas without rushing it then I'm all ears. if there is a way to make this succeed in the time I have left before leaving the country, I'm listening. lend me your wisdom folks!

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