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I don’t feel the same way

Me and my SO have been together for 4 years and we now have a 10 month old daughter. I No longer feel the way I felt when I first started dating him. I’ve been battling depression since I became pregnant and ever since then things have been different. He barely touches me ( I can’t remember the last time he’s touched me), it feels as though there is no more chemistry or love between us anymore. When I cry and explain to him how I’m feeling down or suicidal he figures out a way to make it all about him and pretty much makes me feel as though it’s my fault. when I first had our daughter he seemed as though he would help way more with her but in all honesty the last time he changed our daughter was when she was 2 weeks old .. and as I stated above she is now 10 months. He is a great father when it comes to financial issues but he does nothing when it comes to making bottles, changing her, putting her to sleep etc. him doing nothing makes me have hate for him more and more everyday and I am to the point I no longer want to be with him. I struggle leaving because I grew up without my father around and I want my daughter to grow up in a home with both parents .. do I put up with it for the sake of my daughter or do I just stop trying and end things.

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