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Relationship struggle after baby

Anyone else’s relationship hit the rocks after having a baby? It’s only been one month from my little boy came along and it feels like my relationship is on its last legs. From he was a week old the baby bubble faded and the arguments started. At the beginning of parenthood I felt nothing but love, reassurance and support from my partner now all I feel is judged on anything I do. I think this is partly due to him having another child (6y/o) to his ex partner. Anything he suggests or says to do is gospel to him and I’m expected to follow suit for being a first time mother. Anytime I disagree or do what I feel is right an argument starts and I’m the horrible person.

The last week and a half has been extremely difficult as all we do is argue which is starting to put a wedge between us making me second guess our relationship. I have put up with and accepted a lot of crap throughout our relationship such as deleting and blocking fellas on my social media/numbers he feels threatened by who have just been friends, having to send proof of my whereabouts when I leave the house, getting accused of cheating if I don’t answer my phone or reply back too slow. But he can go and do as he pleases no questions asked while talking to a number of girls on a daily basis on social media. This issue was addressed half way through my pregnancy and it has gotten better with the odd hiccup here and there but generally our relationship was amazing after that right up until the baby was 1 week old.

For the baby’s sake I want nothing more than for him to grow up in a loving secure family home but I know that’s not possible if my partner and myself are not happy together. I want to hear other first time mothers experiences did your relationship go through the same, is it the hormones or am I holding on to a loose end?

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