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Trying to keep a relationship going with three under fives

I am a mother of three boys, aged 5, 4, and 4 months. My husband and I have been together for 15 years but recently it has been a real challenge making time for each other, or even really wanting to make the effort in our relationship.

I am solely breastfeeding and doing all the nights with our little one, as well as looking after all three in the day, and I think this is making me feel resentful of my husband. I have always worked and loved my career so being on maternity leave is giving me mixed feelings- I love being with my baby, but I don’t love doing all the domestic chores esp as I feel my husband now views me as a housewife- there to tidy up after him and make him dinner everyday.

I am exhausted from rubbish sleep so it’s all a struggle. My husband says I am a pain to be around because I just nag and ask him to tidy up after himself. I feel like our relationship is pretty crap at the moment but don’t have the energy to sort it out. Any advice on how to improve our situation/ ride it out appreciated. Thank you.

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