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They want me to be more open

I've been seeing someone since August last year, both females. I don't know how to define us, probably a situationship. We are both very in love with each other, they just don't like labels since of how much they were left hurt by their ex. This morning we were mucking around and I called them a panzy jokingly. They really took this to heart and didn't want to talk to me. I said you want me to communicate with you but when I'm trying to you won't talk to me. They then told me they think I should leave. I ended up leaving as per their wishes Ive still not heard from them and am left feeling completely upset and like an asshole for what I said. Honestly didn't know that they were going to take it to heart so much. What do I do? I feel terrible and like I completely stuffed everything up. They want me to be more open with them when communicating and I'm really trying hard. This morning we

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