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My wife (25) and I (25)have been together for 7 years married for 6years. I have been in love with her since the 1st day we met and I love her more even now and she love me. I have been the first and only partner she’s been with and I have been with only 1 other person.

We recently tried some kinky adventures but not anything with anyone else yet. We’re both pretty communicative and about our feelings so we’re usually on the same page. But lately I’ve noticed she has been using her vibrator. Nothing wrong with that. But it’s getting to the point where she doesn’t like sexual anything with me but constantly uses her vibrator 24/7 whenever she has a chance. Right now we’ve been talking to other people and she recently had not so accidentally touching with a friend. She said she was really turned on and even considered completing the deed. Is it me? Am I doing something wrong? She says she hates penetration she hates having her hands placed on genitals… but he did and she loves it. We’ve talked she says she only wants me… what should I do?

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