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"I like a guy who now has a girl and need advice"

When I first met this guy I felt as though we hit it off right away. We were always talking, laughing and joking. He asked my friends for my snap and socials so we were taking even more. We would stay up late just talking and teasing each other. Then he started playfully touching me and I would do it back. He would also stand or sit very close with me that our shoulders would touch. My friends were telling me that he might like me as he only flirts like that around me. However, turns out he likes someone else and now they are going out. Apparently it started whilst we were still talking but its still early. One of his friends told me that maybe if told him my feelings earlier it would've been different. Now I'm just overthinking as what could've been. Thing is I still feel like there is something between us but I don't want to mess that relationship. They look good together and she is really nice. I don't know what to do. I want to at least tell him how I feel as I already missed that chance once I don't want to miss it again. I just need a way to get this whole thing outta my head so any advice is really needed.

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