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Head over heels

Start off with, I have been with M for 19 years now but 4 years ago I found a letter to one of his exes wanting to meet up and to find out if she was the one who got away. At the same time we found out that he has stage 4 emphysema and has been living on an oxygen machine since. I felt at the time obligated to stay.

Then 4 months later, I was talking to a customer, he may have been working there 6 months, not sure because I never really noticed him. I seen him outside and noticed a tat on his arm and I only had one that I would not just drop trow to show just anyone. Then he smiled and that’s when it happened, head over heels, first time in my 52 years. His coworkers would always make comments to him when I was there about me liking younger guys and other flirty things, he would just walk away and avoid me. I would come into the building other days and he would never talk to me and when he seen me, he would leave the room.

Eight months later I went there one day and noticed his car wasn’t there but he wa, I noticed he was making a bee line at me and I asked him if he walked to work and his coworkers started laughing and said he didn’t and his his car down the road, he just stood there about 12” in front of me with that sexy smile. I knew then, that was my one and only shot with him but because of my situation I couldn’t do anything. I think he thinks I wasn’t interested, for the last year now his coworkers stopped the teasing but one day a couple of months ago, I was playing on Facebook and accidentally hit the relationship button on “in a domesticated relationship “ and the same day he changed his to “in a relationship “. Which he has been with this girl for 24 years and never married.

I am confused and for once in my life I want to see where this can go but I am afraid he may have lost interest. What do I do?

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