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“I don't trust my boyfriend's female best friend”

My boyfriend, we'll call him Bob, is not from Ireland and frequently complains about not having that many friends in this country. He has a best friend who is his ex (not exactly his ex, she was with him a lot while she had a boyfriend, they used to video chat where she would strip for him etc..). She is in another country now. She has no problems with cheating until she gets married (she sounds like someone who is lacking morals, and just a person I wouldn't get along with). She apparently messed him up a lot and now he doubts himself.

Bob and I started dating and his "ex", we'll call her Sarah, would text him things such as "use her (me) to get experience then come show me what you learned etc." He tells me he put her in her place and said he's with me now and that he loves me. Now Bob claims Sarah has changed and respects our relationship (I don't believe this). He says he doesn't have many people here so he likes having her as a best friend. I've noticed he is reluctant to open messages from her around me, and if she calls he'll go into the other room. He then tells me what she wanted etc.

He promises me that nothing is there anymore between them. I really am uncomfortable with their relationship and I've said so before. Bob then tells me that he loves me and that nothing is going on. Am I just becoming jealous? I've never been a jealous person before but now I actually can't stand Sarah and have a horrible feeling every time Bob brings her up.

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