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"Is this an inappropriate relationship?"

My boy friend has a friend. She's also an ex girlfriend of his. A few months into our relationship, she started calling him and he swore up and down he wanted nothing to do with her he'd never talk to her again all that stuff. Well we ended up breaking up for a bit and he made up with her. He's told me, how strong her feeling are for him and how if he isn't constantly telling her they aren't together than she's thinking they're so close that she's dreaming of white picket fences. I don't think If he is still with me, which she absolutely hates, that it's appropriate they stay friends, mainly because of how she feels about him. But he refuses to stop being friends with her.

Am i out of line to ask him to leave her alone? I mean they were together at one time. That alone is enough for me to not want them spending time together. He sees only a friend and she sees her future husband. Am i wrong?

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