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Hello I am new to this site and have been with my boyfriend for 17 and a half years. We have a son with a hidden disability.

We have been through a lot together (including his mother trying to split us up when we had been together 10+ years together but he cut off contact with her after she lied about me and tried to manipulate/blackmail him about other situations and having a negative involvement in our dog and son’s lives).

We are very close and spend a lot of time together and we both have issues trusting people outside of our relationship from past issues with family and friends.

He has always been honest with me and has told me of some women at his work coming on to him which he has felt uncomfortable with. All 3 women know he has a family and how long we have been together.

Woman 1 – young woman who is very touchy with him – touching him on shoulder, leaning on him when he is sat down, making sexual comments about herself, always looking for reasons to talk to him etc. He has always been a joker and has used this as a shield to get the message across that he wants her to away and stop touching him etc.

Woman 2 – a woman who likes to go out for drinks with him and his team. He walked her home once as was worried about her being too drunk and she tried to drag him on top of her at her home . He text me asking me to ring him so he has an excuse of getting away from her but has been asking for him to catch up for some drinks alone which he has done once at lunch at work to get out of doing it after work and being in a similar situation as last time.

Woman 3 – this woman has always told him he thinks he is attractive and wished he was single leaving him notes on his desk that he is fit etc. She has been cheated on herself so knows how it feels but still comes on to my boyfriend. He had to tell her that I found out about her coming on to him and was not happy to be polite and not hurt her feelings but to get her to back off. She stills make a bee line for him when he is working in the office and is very forward with him.

I trust my guy completely and know he wouldn’t cheat on me and is worried about causing issues at work as he works for his family as I had to hand my job in for my own health issues as well as my son’s as we was struggling to juggle everything between us. Plus his father cheated on his mother and although he doesn't get on with his mother anymore it is something that he has always been against.

My boyfriend knows about my unhappiness and said do you think he will cheat and when I said no but it angers me how these women just have no disregard for his relationship. His response was I can’t control actions of other people but know that I am not going to return their behaviour and if I trust him then I have nothing to worry about.

I know he is right and I get so annoyed with myself but can’t seem to stop myself. How do I stop this irrational jealously?!?!

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