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“Am I being jealous or is this not cool?”

Me and my girlfriend have been redoing our flower beds (taking out rock/putting in mulch) and a guy from work has picked up the rock we’ve taken out so far. However last night she said that he wanted to come by and get some more rock but we haven’t gotten around to finishing so there wasn’t any. He says that he can get it himself and my girlfriend said she felt obligated to help him. A couple things that concern me are that they get off work at 4am so it’s dark outside. Not sure how well you can dig up rock in the dark. It took me and her around 4 hrs to do the front on a Sunday as well. Also I asked why she felt obligated seeing as how the guy requested the rock and we didn’t have any ready. And it’s not as if he’s in dire need of it. He’s just using it to fill in a ditch supposedly. I’m not sure if I’m jealous or what but I’m not really cool with this. I see it as a project for me and her. I don’t want to look at it when it’s all done and think it took me, her, and some dude. I want it to be something we can be proud of together. Anyways If this is just jealousy I can accept that and be cool. If not what do you think I should do?

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