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From reading other posts makes me realize I'm not alone in this struggle I try, but never get close to my wife ieven an emotional level sometimes she pushes away my hugs and I can never kiss her . She's certainly never reciprocates any type of affection I tried to put on her, our was sex life is awful we have one 11 year old child and I know my son needs a friend so a part of me wants to have another child only because he wants a fellow sibling however if we don't have sex we can't procreate.

Just today I felt strengthened while putting my arms around her but felt dishartened when she would refuse to give me a kiss so I walked away without yelling. I've tried talking to her and she never wants to comunicate . I feel like the Universe has done me a big wrong by pairing up with her into marriage. Having been lovestruck many years ago, meeting her in her home country and I had bought my own house years before meeting her. Years later we bought another house which we rent out. Yes she works alot, but I too work full-time.

Do I have another child for my son? Who unfortunately always sides with his mother, even arguing with me sometimes when I feel forced to raise my voice or even tell at him, sometimes resulting in him wailing or even crying ( just like when trying to do homework) I'm sorry for not offering advice, as I feel like I need some myself by a counsellor. Lovestuck

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