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I am a dad age 25 really struggling

I never thought I post anything like this on the Internet but am lost I have a girlfriend been together 4 years she has a 6 years old boy and 2 years ago we had a beautiful little girl together my absolutely world and more!

the problem is there's a few problems starting with her son I do everything for both of the kids she she thinks her son could have Behaviour problems he's horrible the way he speaks to me in front of his mam at times he can't do wrong in his mams eyes when I try speaking to him his mam always has a go at me so I am at the point where am like what's the point?

I don't know if it's because he has not got a dad around sadly he committed suicide when he was 2 years old I do have depression my self where It has got bad in the past where I did try suicide this is before I got with my partner she knows about this few months ago I started feeling bad quite down bad thoughts am scared to say anything to my partner because she compares me to her sons dad if I ever say anything

I have gotten help from my doctor am doing great now I work full time and no matter how hard I try she does complain to me about stupid stuff she says to me she does not see us being together much longer I try my best I don't know what to do I moved from my family to live closer for my daughter and its not a nice place to live my surroundings make me feel down because its not nice place it feels like am falling apart I tried speaking to her loads am scared incase we breake up not seeing my beautiful little girl every day will be heartbreaking

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