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Changes in child arrangements

My children are 8 & 6 and we currently live 50 miles from their father however he has now decided that he is no longer happy with only seeing the children on alternative weekends and has announced he's moving 3 miles away. I'm okay with him moving close, I originally moved far away (with his permission) to get out of London and away from him and the terrible relationship we had but I know it would be better to have him local for our children However he has decided he now wants the children half the time.

He works full time, chosing to work every other weekend to earn extra money (he has a very good job, earning with overtime over 60k so the overtime isn't really needed). I do not work as I'm currently studying as a distance learner to be a teacher so even when I do start working I'll still be home at a decent time so school. So he will not be able to do school run and is expecting his new gf to do it with with 3 month old baby (she does not drive and the walk to school would take 45 minutes each way from their new flat)

I've tried to talk to how it's not feasible to have the children 50% of the time but I'd be more than happy to do school run then bring them home to do homework and guitar practice with them (things which he never does properly even when asked) then a a couple times a week when he's finished work he can come collect them, have them for the evening and I'll collect them before bedtime so they are at home for me to take them to school in the morning. This would be on top of the alternative weeks we already do.

He however won't listen, says he has parents responsibility so 50% rights so wants them 50% of the time.

I've spoken to the children and they want to see more of him but don't want to live with him 50% of the time and when they told him they want to see him a day or 2 he's taken that to mean that they do a day or 2 with him and then a day or 2 at home with no real routine. Hes always takes down to me and makes me feel really bad about myself. When he announced be was having the children 50% of the time he just told me it was happening and when I tried to give alternatives he just said no and asked if I had anything else to say. I'm now very stressed and honestly scared to tell him that he's not having them 50% of the time because of the way he makes me feel but know I'm gonna have to do it before he moves

Has anyone else had to deal with a similar change in child arrangements? Can he just take them 50% of the time or do I have right to stop him? Honestly any help would be great, I'm so stressed it's affecting both my mental and physical health and I feel like no one knows what I'm going through.

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