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"Should I not see him?"

Hi really need some advice I’m divorced and been single over 2 years am content in every other area of my life but can’t seem to find a man I click with , in jan this year a ex boyfriend from over 30 years contacted me he told me he’s living with a woman and been with her 3 years but not happy , we arranged to meet for a walk as I was curious and was only a walk , but minute we saw each other like a lightbulb moment , I then was in hospital with corona and he sent me really expensive gifts , then my mum passed , he still messages me every day and part away and he asked to come to funeral which I thought was bit full on , then I arranged another walk to have heart to heart chat , he told me he can’t stop thinking about me but won’t do anything sexual whilst he’s with her , I said I don’t want to get involved in a love triangle

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