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“I think I’m losing her”

My partner and I have been together seven years. We love each other deeply but we are struggling. A couple of years ago I started struggling with anxiety. The GP prescribed me medication. My partner knew this, but she did not know that one of the side effects was a change in my libido and ability. I have since found out that she felt rejected and she now knows that the medication caused this issue.

I am no longer on the medication, I find her extremely attractive but she now finds it “weird” when I compliment her and is a little uncomfortable about have sex. She says she doesn’t want to sleep with anyone else, but recently she has been texting this guy from work a lot. She says they are friends but the stuff they send each other is really flirty. I trust her but I am really struggling. The more she pulls away from me the needier I feel myself getting and I don’t know what to do.

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