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Six jobs for stay-at-home dads

First of all, congratulations on breaking the stereotype of men not being fit to be stay-at-home dads. You're doing fantastic, and it is an excellent opportunity for you to bond with your children. Most of the time, parents who work 9-5 jobs tend to spend less time with their children, hence having a gap in their relationship.

Most of the times, mothers are expected to stay at home and work from home as well. So naturally, the children are closer to her than their fathers. Second of all, it is essential for parents, especially single ones, to stay at home to get better jobs that can help support their families.

Many job opportunities have been provided to people all around the world remotely.

Reliable job options for stay-at-home parents:

Mentioned below are some of the best options for stay-at-home dads to earn well without compromising on their relationship with their children.

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1. Content writing:
Content writing is a highly saturated job option, but there are many high-paid niches in almost every job sector. Content writers are paid a lot in developed countries, and one can work for them while staying at home. To be a content writer, you need to have ample knowledge of SEO and keywords.

When it comes to content writing, it is a straightforward job but requires a lot of research and good writing skills. One does not need to have high-end grammar to write great content, just a lot of agility and flexibility in their writing style. Content writing jobs pay a lot, and it depends on the number of hours or words you put into creating the content.

Content writing includes articles, blogs, email content, social media posts, copywriting, etc. Explore these options and see what suits you. People earn six-figure salaries from copywriting alone, so you really need to niche down and do your research.

2. Graphic designing:
Graphic designing is another excellent skill that pays a lot. You need to explore the market online to see which graphic designing jobs are more in trend these days. Gather ample information and see which ones suit you. If you already have the skill, then great!

Just polish your skills and stay in practice. Apply everywhere that you see and make sure you secure an outstanding offer because graphic designers are needed pretty much everywhere! Just keep practising and prepare a portfolio to show your potential recruiters.

3. Fitness coach:
Maybe it's time to break the "dad bod" stereotype and get back on the mat! According to, the average salary for a fitness trainer in the USA is $42,850 per year. Not bad, right? If you are a fitness enthusiast and can be a good coach, maybe it's time to get started.

All you need is a yoga mat, a couple of dumbbells, and a truckload of motivation! People are more than willing to pay a good amount to get the kind of body type they always wanted, and achieve that without following unhealthy crash diets is a win-win situation for both of you.

4. E-commerce business:
Nowadays, the e-commerce business is at its peak. People are earning billions (no kidding) from their Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Shopify, etc. accounts. You can either create your account there and start your own business or hire a virtual assistant to do all tasks for you while you get the profit!

It is a great job opportunity for everyone, from students to stay-at-home parent. If you wish, you can also be a virtual assistant for someone with an e-commerce business and earn a handsome amount as your salary.

5. Virtual assistant:
A Virtual Assistant handles all the small tasks of all kinds of businesses. It includes data entry, product reviews, uploading and publishing content, etc. These are the kinds of minor jobs that people with huge businesses cannot handle and need assistance.

A virtual assistant can earn a lot if chosen by the right employer from the correct country. Many people earn a significant amount on remote work in developed states, but it still varies from company to company. Globally, customer service representatives earn roughly $37,000, as stated in

6. Customer service representative:
A customer service representative performs the task of receiving calls and attending to all the people who called for their queries. A customer service representative job varies from email communication to on-call communication with the clients.

Many businesses offer these services to people and pay really well to their representatives based on the number of hours they put in to answer all the queries and promote their business to customers. These jobs may have odd hours, but it all depends on the company you're applying to.

Final thoughts:
It is tough to be a stay-at-home parent, as it involves household chores and your own job to handle your family's finances. There are many options aside from the ones mentioned above that can help you earn an outstanding amount in the minimum hours of work you put in.

The great thing about remote jobs is that they are primarily flexible and allows you to work at your own pace. So, it might be an excellent fit for you if you plan to stay at home long-term while you work. It is also essential to remain active in your children's lives and make sure you are there for them in every manner. We are confident that you will do a fantastic job and create a lasting impact on your children's lives.

Author Bio: Ashley Rosa is a freelance writer and blogger. As writing is her passion that why she loves to write articles related to the latest trends in technology and sometimes on health-tech as well. She is crazy about chocolates. You can find her at twitter: @ashrosa2

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