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He thinks I want to leave

Me and my boyfriend have been together 8 months now. We met at work and had a rocky start. When we met, i was getting out of a toxic relationship and he had a girlfriend and didn’t know how to leave her as he was extremely unhappy. We met each other and i was his trainer at work and everything fell into place. it wasn’t the easiest of starts as his ex worked in the same place as us and there’s a 6 year gap between the two of us and kept it quiet for a while.

He was homeless when we met and during the first 5/6 months i was with him every step of the way, staying in hotels and even stayed on the streets with him at times. My family didn’t like this and it caused a big divide between us all. My mum ended up kicking me out and me and my boyfriend has just got our new flat together and moved in.

We all okay with my family now and my brothers love him! he has problems with alcohol and can black out sometimes and often says some horrible things during these moments but we talk about it the next day and he’s always apologetic and can’t remeber what he said.

The beginning of the week we went on a pub crawl with my brother and his brother and had a really good night! that was up until a woman had come up to me and said that had seen him trying to talk to other girls, including herself. this evidently annoyed me and i asked him about it when we got home to which he sat there and laughed. i left the flat around 1am and met one of my new friends i had made recently as i’ve lost my friends since being with him. her boyfriend works at my boyfriends local pub and knows what he’s like so they came back to the flat with me and tried to talk to him as i was utterly heartbroken.

Everything was fine and we found out there was a bit of miscommunication during the night and he hadn’t spoken to anyone else. after they left our flat everything seemed normal until he went through my phone and read the messages between me and my friend. he has somehow got into his head that i want to leave him for her and it kicked off massively.

I went to sleep and he woke me up at 8am asking me to leave the flat and not come back. my brother picked me up and i went to his and spoke about everything. i came back to the flat later that day and we tried to talk but he had more to drink and was just going round in circles and ended the conversation with ‘i am falling out of love with you and cannot trust you’ it has been almost three days now and we haven’t really said a word to eachother.

I wrote him a heart felt paragraph in my notes and asked him to read it as i can communicate better that way and he’s refused. i love this man to pieces and i cannot imagine my life without him. what do i do? .

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